Astronomers discover monster galaxy XMM-2599 from early universe

Astronomers discover monster galaxy XMM-2599 from early universe
  • The International team of astronomers led by scientists at the University of California, United States (US) have discovered a monster galaxy dubbed as XMM-2599.
  • This galaxy existed around 12 billion years ago just 1.8 billion years after the formation of the universe. The details of this discovery has been published in the Astrophysical Journal.

Key Points:

  • Observation: The detailed measurement of XMM-2599 was taken using spectroscopic observations from the W. M. Keck Observatory’s powerful Multi-Object Spectrograph for Infrared Exploration or MOSFIRE.
  • Galaxy formation: The galaxy XMM-2599 was formed more than 1,000 solar masses a year in stars during the peak of the stars’ activity and was discovered by the astronomers during XMM-2599 inactive phase.
  • It was also found that following 11.7 billion years of cosmic history, XMM-2599 will be the central member of one of the brightest & most massive clusters of galaxies in the local universe.
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