Bengaluru Has World’s Worst Traffic, 4 Indian Cities In Top 10

  • India has topped the TomTom Traffic Index 2019 with 4 of its cities amongst the 10 most congested cities globally.
  • Bengaluru (71%), Mumbai (65%), Pune (59%) and New Delhi (56%) ranks 1st, 4th, 5thand 8th
  • The other global cities featured amongst the top 10 include Manila from the Philippines, Bogota from Colombia, Moscow from Russia; Lima from Peru, Istanbul from Turkey, and Jakarta from Indonesia.
  • New Delhi takes the 8thspot this year with 56% congestion level (extra travel time stuck in traffic).On an average, Delhiites driving during peak hours spend an extra 190 hours, i.e., 7 days, 22 hours in traffic each year.
  • The city’s heaviest congestion (81%) was recorded on October 23, 2019, while its lowest congestion (6%) was recorded on March 21, 2019.
  • The Tom Tom Traffic Index 2019 indicates that the congestion level in Delhi has reduced by 2% compared to TomTom Traffic Index 2018.
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