BIMSTEC: International Seminar on Climate Smart Farming Systems held in New Delhi

  • A three day “International Seminar on Climate Smart Farming systems” is being held in New Delhi.
  • The seminar is being organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare.


  • The seminar is attended by all the seven BIMSTEC countries. It includes Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh, India, Thailand and Myanmar.
  • It will also give attention to targets set by BIMSTEC countries in reducing emissions at those levels to mitigate agricultural situations.
  • The objective of the seminar is to enable improvement of tropical small holder farming system that are resilient to climate change and will provide greater productivity.


  • The seminar is being organized by Government of India as an initiative at the fourth BIMSTEC summit that was held at Katmandu in August 2019.
  • As all the BIMSTEC countries are lying in adjacent areas of Bay of Bengal and have similar type of climate, the solutions provided at the seminar are suitable and more reliable for all the countries.
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