Daily Current Affairs Quiz 01-02-2020

1. Which of the following organization has responsibility of overseeing the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in India?


2. What is the target year for Pradhan Mantri Gramin Awaas yojana implementation?


3. Where is 12th South Asia conference held?


4. How many digits are used is International Mobile Equipment Identify (IMEI) number?


5. Which city topped the 9th Tomtom Traffic Index – 2019?


6. Which of the following disease spreads are announced as global health emergency by WHO?

1. Swine flue
2. Ebola
3. Zika virus
5. Novel corona


7. Who won PEN Gawri Lankesh award for Democratic Idealism recently?


8. Which state launched Direct CTO scheme for green Industries?


9. According Economic survey 2019-2020, How many trillion crore Infrastructure crore required to attain 5 trillion GDP by 2024-25?


10. Which organization recently celebrated it’s 125th foundation day recently?