Daily Current Affairs Quiz 03-02-2020

1. Choose the missing words in the following Thirukkural
The ploughers are the linch-pin of the world; they bear
Them up who other works perform, too weak its toils to share.


2. Choose the correct statement

  • 1. 11th Def Expo is going to be held in Lucknow in 2020
  • 2.The expo is conducted biannually

3. Scheme YUVIKA is related to which of the following organisation?


4. What is the main objective of UDAN scheme?


5. Who is the current Chief Economic Advis0r of India?


6. Choose the correct statement

  • Statement 1: Finance bill is part of budget.
  • Statement 2: In Indian constitution Article 117 talks about finance bill

7. Where is the first case of Novel corona virus found in India?


8. Which country announced National Emergency following locust infestation sweeping Horn of Africa?


9. Which state tops in implementation of Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana?


10. Who won Australian open men’s singles -2020 recently?