Daily Current Affairs Quiz 04-02-2020

1. Ujh multi purpose project is going to be started in which of the following state?


2. SFURTI scheme has been implemented by which ministry?


3. Who has been appointed as India’s High Commissioner to Canada?


4. Which of the following Authority fixing the Drinking water quality norms in India?


5. Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management (FRBM) Act was enacted in which of the following year by parliament?


6. Burhidhing river frequently seen in news, tributary of which of the following & River?


7. Who is named as the central banker of the year 2020 by banker magazine?


8. How many thematic circuits are developed under Swadesh Darshan scheme?


9. Which states Urban Local Bodies (ULB) election going to introduce facial recognition technology for verification of voters?


10. Project Digital Poompuhar related to