Daily Current Affairs Quiz 06-01-2020

1. P.H. Pandian related to which of the following field?


2. Choose the correct statement

  • Statement 1 : Miyawaki method is a well known afforestation method in Rural area
  • Statement 2 : Miyawaki method is first conceived by Chinese

3. Where is ISRO planned to build a astronaut training hub with Human Space Flight Centre (HSFC)?


4. Which 0f the following is correct regarding Scientific Social Responsibility (SSR)?


5. SarasMK2 frequently seen in news related to


6. Palau island frequently seen in NEWS, located at which of the following region?


7. Where is National Disaster Response Force Academy located?


8. Who became the 1st rank holder in the latest International Table Tennis Federation Ranking at the age of 19?


9. Choose the correct statement

  • Statement 1 : Inter state council is headed by Prime Minister
  • Statement 2 : Zonal councils are headed by union Home Minister

10. What is the minimum and maximum age to avail ArogyaSanjeevaniPolicy?