Daily Current Affairs Quiz 07-01-2020

1. Which state the became first state to conduct exercise to shortlist migration under citizenship Amendment Act – 2019?


2. Which type of disaster that killed many people and huge destruction in Australia?


3. Qasem soleimani an army commander recently killed by USA belongs to which of the following country?


4. Which state planned to build first rehabilitation centre for freshwater turtles?


5. India gave Line of Credit of 75 million dollar to which of the following country for developments of solar parks?


6. What is the objective of project NETRA?


7. Which of the following payment bank signed agreement with Fastag to make payment service?


8. Which film won best motion picture award in Golden Globe award – 2020?


9. Where is Bhitarkanika National park located?


10. Which state organized Zo Kutpui festival recently?