Daily Current Affairs Quiz 10-02-2020

1. Agartala – Akhaura railway link connects which of the following two countries?


2. When was medicines (Advertisement and sale) Act enacted?


3. Choose the correct statement Regarding “Pranash Missile”

  • 1. It was developed by DRDO indigenously
  • 2. The missiles striking range is 200km

4. EK Bharat shreshtha Bharat campaign being organised by which of the following ministry?


5. Seer Goverdhanpur in Uttar Pradesh is the birth place of which of the following Bhakti Saint?


6. When is National Deworming Day?


7. Choose the correct statement

  • 1. Recently a new Hunar haat inaugurated in Indore
  • 2. Government planned to organized 500 similar hunar Gaats by 2024

8. Who is the author of “A Child of Destiny”?


9. Who became youngest girl to summit mount Aconcagua?


10. Under UDAN scheme which state is first ever state to start heli service?