Daily Current Affairs Quiz 11-02-2020

1. Match the following

Smart cities States
(a) Ranchi – 1. Jharkhand
(b) Udaipur – 2. Rajasthan
(c) Nashik – 3. Maharashtra
(d) Tirupur – 4. Tamil Nadu


2. What is the name of NASA’s Solar mission?


3. Baramura hills located in which of the following state recently seen in news?


4. What is the theme of National Conference on e-governance 2020?


5. “Raad 500” missile belongs to which of the following country?


6. Joaquin Phoenix awarded Oscar for best actor for acted in which of the following movie?


7. Which city police recently launched in initiative “Operation Nakai”?


8. “Anoop Mishra” related to which of the following field is recently seen in news?


9. Which of the following country is going to host 13th COP of UN’s Conservation of Migratory Species?


10. When is International Day of Women and Girls in Science observed?