Daily Current Affairs Quiz 14-01-2020

1. What is the objective of recently launched scheme “Yashaswini”?


2. When was Island Development Agency established?


3. What is the theme of Dhaka International Film Festival-2020?


4. The workshop and exhibition on “Bamboo-A wonder grass” was recently held in which state/UT?


5. “Shopper” frequently seen in NEWS related to


6. Match the following

(a) Peddapadanga – Assam
(b) Magh Bihu          – Tamil Nadu
(c) Thai Pongal        –  Kerala
(d) Vishu                      – Andhra Pradesh


7. 126th constitutional Amendment billis Related to which of the following?


8. Ghodahada reservoir sometime seen in News is located at which of the following state?


9. Avian influenza is caused by?


10. When was year National Commission for safaikaramcharis Act enacted?