Daily Current Affairs Quiz 15-02-2020

1. Who is the head of FRBM Review committee 2016?


2. India’s first inter-city electric bus service started in which of the following cities?


3. Tamil Nadu government allocated money to construct an International-level museum in which of the following village?


4. Who appointed as a new Chairman of “Air India”?


5. Which Indian Telecom operator is the second most valuable mobile operator in Asia of 2020?


6. Choose the correct statement regarding Kashimahakal express

  • 1. It’s third corporate passenger train in India
  • 2. It connects Varanasi & Indore

7. NASA’s “Super cam” robo related to


8. Who is the president of CSIR?


9. How many countries are member country of BIMSTEC?


10. With which of the following country India signed an agreement in the field of maritime transport & ports?