Daily Current Affairs Quiz 16-02-2020

1. Which of the following Railway zone becomes India’s first to have energy neutral stations?


2. When was the Arbitration and Conciliation Act enacted by the Parliament?


3. Whoheads the 5 member panel created by 15th Finance Commission on defence and internal security fund?


4. Where is the National Organic Food festival held recently?


5. When is World Pangolin Day observed?


6. Which State Government launched “A plant of love” compaign?


7. Rajinder K. Pachauri was the founder of which Indian Research Institute?


8. Choose the correct statement regarding Kandangi Sarees.

  • 1. It is a type of cotton or silk saree from Karaikudi in Tamil Nadu.
  • 2. This handwoven saree is over200 years old.

9. Which of the following organisation released Global Liveability Index 2019?


10. Ajeya warrior is the Joint Military Exercise conducted between India and which country?