Daily Current Affairs Quiz 17-02-2020

1. Match the following.

Traditional Sport     State
(a) Vallamkali     –     1. Kerala
(b) Jallikattu       –     2. Tamil Nadu
(c) Kambala       –     3. Karnataka


2. Choose the correct expansion of APEDA.


3. What is the current time period considered as financial year of Reserve Bank of India (RBI)?


4. Where is National Maritime Heritage Complex is going to set up?


5. Milan – 2020 Biggest Multilateral Naval exercise is going to be conducted in which ocean region?


6. Where is Prime Minister recently inaugurated 13th Conference of Parties on conservation of migratory spacies?


7. Which of the following scheme recently completed it’s 5 year which helps sustainable farming ?


8. Which organization launched, an initiative of Interactive atlas of the World’s languages in Danger?


9. Where is Adivasi Mahotsav – 2020 held?


10. Koneru Humpy related to which of the following sports?