Daily Current Affairs Quiz 18-02-2020

1. What is the theme of seed sowing festival Lui-Ngai-Ni-celebrated by Naga tribes of Manipur?


2. Which state Government launched “Yodhavu” mobile App to combat drug abuse and distribution?


3. Who is the author of the “Book Back stage: The story behind India’s High growth years”?


4. What is the correct explanation of “NEERI”?


5. Which tamilnews paper published by ma.Singaravelar to address the problems of the working class?


6. What is the prime objective of KALA KUMBH?


7. Who heads high level expert group on agriculture export constituted by finance commission?


8. Which organization won silver award in 23rd National conference on e-Governance?


9. Choose the Incorrect statement

  • 1. Atal Bhujal Yojana aimed sustainable ground water management with community participation
  • 2. The scheme covers seven states

10. Where is Global conference on road safety held?