Daily Current Affairs Quiz 19-01-2020

1. Who is appointed as head of Nehru memorial museum?


2. In which state/union territory Public Interface Program launched?


3. The Central Drug Standard Control Organization (CDSCO) declared 49 drugs as not of standard quality and the organization comes under which of the following ministry?


4. Where is largest number of Irrawaddy dolphins found in a water body in the world?


5. Where is recently Vice president of India inaugurated centre of excellence for studies in classical Telugu?


6. Where is sati stones belongs to 18th century recently found in Tamil Nadu?


7. Choose the correct statement

  • Statement 1: GST council is a statutory body.
  • Statement 2: GST council created under the 101-st constitutional amendment act.

8. Recently corona virus seen in NEWS, started to spread which of the following country?


9. Where is 6.5 km long Z-morh tunnel planned to be constructed?


10. Which entrepreneur is awarded with Australia’ highest honour of “Order of Australia”?