Daily Current Affairs Quiz 20-01-2020

1. Which country’s National Health commission announced recent out break of corona virus is controllable?


2. Choose the correct statement regarding K4 missile

  • Statement 1: Another name of K4 missile is shaurya missile
  • Statement 2: It is submarine launchable with strike range of 3500 km

3. Article 131 of Indian constitution related to which of the following Jurisdiction?


4. Who is the author of “Human dignity – A purpose in perpetuity”?


5. Which state recently organized 18,034 km long human chain to create awareness about climate change and social ills?


6. Ramnath Goenka awards awarded for excellence in which of the following field?


7. Choose the incorrect statement

  • Statement 1: Urban local bodies are established under 74th constitutional Amendment act in 1992
  • Statement 2: President of Municipality, Vice-President of municipality and council members are directly elected by people

8. Which minister going to head the Indian delegation to the 50th World Economic Forum (WEF)?


9. India planned to establish “Maritime Research Coordinating Centre” in which of the following country?


10. Which organization released World Gold Report – 2020?