Daily Current Affairs Quiz 21-01-2020

1. What is the forecast of GDP Growth rate of India, according to World Economic Outlook?


2. Choose the correct statement regarding electrol bond

  • Statement 1 : Electrol bond would be purchased in any value in multiples of 10000 and 1,00,000 only
  • Statement 2: Electrol bond scheme is brain child scheme of Reserve Bank of India (RBI) & Election Commission of India

3. When was Non-proliferation of Nuclear weapons Treaty (NPT) signed?


4. Which organization released “Time to care report” recently?


5. How many water aerodromes are approved by Government of India?


6. Which state formed a committee to recommend to increase forest tourism?


7. Match the following

(a) Justice Rajeshwaran Committee       –       1. Private Agriculture College Fee Structure
(b) Justice Chandru Committee            –            2. JalliKattu protest
(c) Justice ArunaJagadeesan Committee – 3. Tuticorin Firing


8. POLNET 2.0 related to which of the following field?


9. When is National immunisation day observed?


10. Which web portal launched to disburse loans at ease to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME)?