Daily Current Affairs Quiz 22-01-2020

1. What is the correct abbreviation of PRAGATI?


2. Match the following

Festivals                      States
(a) ChapcharKut    1. Andhra Pradesh
(b) PeddaPadanga 2. Panjab
(c) Lohri                        3. Mizoram


3. As per the recent data from the Ministry of Agriculture which State has topped the production of vegetables in 2018-19?


4. Who is the first woman officer going to lead all men contingent in 2020 Republic Day parade?


5. Which of the following states celebrated January 21 as its Foundation Day?

    1. Megalaya
    2. Manipur
    3. Tripura
    4. Sikkim

6. Which year Indian Council for Child Welfare was created?


7. Who is the Chief guest for 2020’s Republic Day?


8. Where did Tamil Nadu Government planning to set up oil refinery company?


9. Strait of Hormuz is located between which of the following Gulfs?


10. Where did India’s first ever Global Mega Science Exhibition, “Vigyan Samagam” started recently?