Daily Current Affairs Quiz 23-01-2020

1. Which country is topped Breast Feeding support policies and programs list?


2. Which of the following countries are the full time members of the East Asian Observatories consortium?
1. China
2. Japan
3. Taiwan
4. India


3. Who will be chaired the recently set-up National start-up advisory council?


4. Which private sector bank launched “Card less cash withdrawal” facility from its ATM’s recently?


5. What is the name of Robot Introduced by ISRO recently?


6. What is the rank of India in Democracy Index-2019?


7. Which of the following organization is related to “Blue corner Notice”?


8. Who heads the sub-categorisation of OBC panel recently got extension?


9. Choose the correct statement

  • Statement 1 : The Brihadeswarar temple consecration will be held with invocations of Tirumurai in Tamil and Sanskrit.
  • Statement 2: It is build by Raja Raja Chola on 1010 and it’s one of the UNESCO world heritage site.

10. Which state unveiled plan to open it’s shops 24×7 recently?