Daily Current Affairs Quiz 23-12-2019

1. 50th World Economic Conference is going to be held in which of the following place?


2. When was the National Mathematics Day observed?


3. Which of the following countries are related to Chabahar Agreement?

  • 1. India
  • 2. Iran
  • 3. Afghanistan
  • 4. Pakistan

4. What is the main objective of “HunarHaats”?


5. Which of the following organization is going to set up 500 skill hubs and labs in Govt schools?


6. What is the Maternal Mortality Rate of India and Tamilnadu Respectively?


7. According to recent survey of Indian Government which of the following state tops in coverage under micro irrigation?


8. In which of the following year the Current Parliament House Building was completed?


9. Galapagos archipelago, a UNESCO World Heritage site is located in which of the following country?


10. Chilai-Kalan an annual winter session started in which of the following state?