Daily Current Affairs Quiz 25-01-2020

1. Which of the following case doesn’t related to criminalization of politics?


2. Which state government joined hands with Tamil Nadu to decipher keezhadiscript?


3. Bru Tribe frequently seen in NEWS, is originally belongs to ________ but now they are sheltered in ________


4. Which state’s High Court recently declared that imposition of Integrated Goods and Service Tax (IGST) on ocean freight as ultra viresto the constitution?


5. Who recently won his 100th match in Australian open who also has the same record on Wimbledon too?


6. Choose the incorrect statement

  • Statement 1 : Election commission of India (ECI) established on 25th January 1950
  • Statement 2 : This day observed as National Voters day every year

7. Who is elected as the new head of Indian Archery Association?


8. What is the theme International Day of Education?


9. Which of the following organization planned to set up National Data and Analytics Platform (NDAP)?


10. Which state made it mandatory to learn preamble of Indian constitution for school students?