Daily Current Affairs Quiz 26-12-2019

1. Choose the correct statement

  • Statement 1 : Massive locust invasion known Tiddis attacked crops in Gujarat.
  • Statement 2 : Last time such invasion happened in India on 1993.

2. Typhoon Phanefone made land fall in which of the following country?


3. Which of the following state planned to achieve the target of registration of 25% electric vehicle by 2024?


4. What is the function of National Anti-profiteering authority?


5. Rakhi Halder related to


6. Arrange the following states according to their performance in the recently released Good Governance Index.
1. Maharastra
2. Karnataka
3. Chattisgarh
4. Andra Pradesh
5. Tamilnadu


7. Where is Nation’s first University for Transgender Community planned to be inaugurated?


8. A First-of-it’s kind advanced DNA Forensic lab to be inauguratedin Chandigarh developed under which of the following fund?


9. Who is Madan Mohan Malviya, who was recently mentioned in the news?


10. Which company manufactured buses that can operate long distance by using Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)?