Daily Current Affairs Quiz 31-01-2020

1. Match the following

(a) Sampriti – IX        –     1. Bangladesh
(b) Indra                          –     2. Srilanka
(c) Hand in Hand       –     3. China
(d) Mitra Shakti         –      4. Russia


2. Which state introduced YuvaSwabhimaan scheme?


3. Choose the correct statement

  • Statement 1: Nagobajatara is a tribal festival held recently in Telengana
  • Statement 2: This festival is celebrated by Gond Tribes

4. Spitzer space telescope related to which space research organization?


5. Which district tops recently released Aspirational districts ranking?


6. Which country is the first country to come out of European Union (EU)?


7. Choose the correct statement

  • Statement 1: Article 137 of the constitution paves the way for filing review petition in the Supreme Court
  • Statement 2: Review Petition is filed after curative petition

8. Who is the author of “The Assassination of Mahatma Gandhi-Trail & Verdict 1948-49”?


9. Where is country’s first “Fruit Train” recently launched?


10. Where is National Institute of virology located?