Government to release the report of 100 Smarts Cities in June 2020

  • The Government of India (GoI) is to release the report card of 100 selected smartcities in June, 2020 as the Smart Cities Mission completes its five year. This report will be released in three categories, namely ease of living index, municipal performance index and climatic index.

Key Points:

  • On June 2015, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched the Smart Cities Mission with the mission to develop 100 Smart Cities across the country.
  • Ease of Living index: Under this index 35 percent weightage will be given “to quality of life”, 20 percent to “sustainability”, 20 percent to “economic viability” and 30 percent to “citizen participation”.
  • Municipal Performance index: Under this index 30 percent weightage will be given for “services”, 20 percent for “finance”, 15 percent for “technology”, 15 percent for “planning”, 20 percent for “governance”.
  • Climatic index: Under this index cities will be ranked for promoting environment related issues.
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