Losar Festival: Ladakhi New Year being celebrated

Losar Festival: Ladakhi New Year being celebrated

Union Territory of Ladakh is celebrating Losar Festival on 27 December 2019, to mark the Ladakhi or Tibetan New Year. Unitil 2018. Losar gathering use to have “UT Status for Ladakh” a resolution for new Year. This year, It will be joyous Losar festival celebrations in newly born Union Territory Ladakh. Losar festival, which has its origin in 15th century, is also observed in all (Himalayan states of country but in different times.

About Losar Festival

People of various parts of Ladakh region, annually celebrate Losar Festival on 1st Day of Eleventh Month of Tibetan Calendar correlating to a date in Gregorian calendar. The celebrations continue for 3-9 days in different parts of Ladakh

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