Most cities in India turning into “urban heat islands”: Study

  • Team of researchers from IIT Kharagpurhas found that most cities in the country are turning into “urban heat islands” in all seasons during day and night.
  • Researchers from Centre for Oceans, Rivers, Atmosphereand Land Sciences (CORAL) of IIT-KGP and its Architecture and Regional Planning department showed that most big cities in the country with population more than one million have recorded rise in mercury level during daytime while showing an increasing trend in the night hours.
  • The study, ‘Anthropogenic forcing exacerbating the urban heat islands in India’, noted that the relatively warmer temperatures in urban areas, compared to suburbs, have potential health hazards due to heat waves apart from pollution.
  • Analysis of urban heat islands of India, which is the difference between urban and surrounding rural land surface temperatures, across all seasons in 44 major cities from 2001 to 2017.
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