Nirmala Sitharaman quoted Thiruvalluvar and Avvaiyar in Budget 2020

  • The Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman flexed her literary muscle in abundance – particularly when she quoted the legendary Tamil poets Thiruvalluvarand  While she recited the Thirukkural to explain the ‘5 Jewels of a good country’ to justify how India possesses it all, she quoted a line from the Aathichoodi while presenting her action plan for Indian farmers.
  • “I fall back on the wise words of Thiruvalluvar. We’ve heard of several words of wisdom from the legendary poet. He has spoken about what a good country is and what makes up for the jewels of a good country.
  • “There are five jewels for a good country. A good country must be free from epidemics, it must be wealthy, it should grow crops, people there must be happy and security and safety of the country must be a top priority,”.
  • Sitharaman quoted the line, “Bhoomi thiruthi un,”which literally translates to “Cultivate the land and feed.”In Tamil Nadu, there was a very wise old woman saint-poet who lived more than 3,000 years ago.