Police to use Smart Kavalar app for new beat system

Police to use Smart Kavalar app for new beat system

  • The Tamil Nadu State Crime Records Bureau is set to implement a new electronic beat system for police personnel using Smart Kavalar App across Tamil Nadu soon. 
  • The eld policing application was developed for use by Tamil Nadu police with an objective to manage the beat activities digitally and make patrolling and eld policing more efficient. 
  • The mobile app will record and track details of beat and other eld policing and enables the ocers to monitor real time the work of the constables in the allotted beat or area. 
  • The history sheet for the station’s jurisdiction is maintained by the SHO on the app.
  • Till now, police officers were required to sign patta books with date and time to confirm patrolling in their allocated beat. 
  • And it was the duty of senior police officials to audit the patta books at regular intervals. 
  • Now, the e-beat system would replace the old method. The e-beat system is expected to facilitate better policing.

New IIT-Madras tech forecasts exactly which parts of a city are set to receive showers

  • IIT Madras has developed and operationalised a new regional climate model for Tamil Nadu that promises localised and accurate rainfall forecasts for an area as specific as Chennai corporation ward.
  • IIT Madras has validated the new model and is running it on the supercomputers of Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAV) in Pune, which is implementing the National Supercomputing Mission. The model is run daily and the output (seven-day forecast) is shared with Tamil Nadu State Disaster Management Authority.
  • Popular global numerical models like European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts or Global Forecasting System, which are used by the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), have coarser resolutions (grid size of 25 km and above). 
  • IMD runs the models on a larger-scale for the entire country and inherently these models are more inclined or focused on the southwest monsoon, which is the primary Indian monsoon, leaving few grey areas in the forecasting of northeast monsoon that has become more erratic in last few years and the South Peninsula Region is experiencing extreme weather events.

India Cements celebrates Platinum Jubilee 

  • India Cements, a company with 75 years of legacy and one of the largest producers of cement in South India celebrated its Platinum Jubilee.
  • India Cements, a pioneering enterprise of independent era born on February 21, 1946, when the World War was over and political freedom was around the country. It made a humble start with a cement factory in Talaiyuthu, an almost unmapped tiny village in Tirunelveli, which over the years grew to become a self-contained township at Sankarnagar.


  • The largest producer of Cement is China – 2.4 billion tonnes followed by India with 450 million tonnes.
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