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Chief Minister’s Breakfast Scheme

  • Chief Minister MK Stalin inaugurated the state wide launch of the Chief Minister’s breakfast scheme in Thirukkuvalai, Nagapattinam district.
  • The scheme has now been  extended to all 31,000 government schools  across the State, benefiting 17 lakh students. 

About the Scheme 

  • Launched September 15, 2022 at Madurai
  • Objective – To provide breakfast to primary school children from 1st to 5th standard studying in Government schools on all school working days
  • Aim – To reduce hunger, prevent malnutrition, achieve average height in children, prevent underweight in adolescents, prevent anaemia as well as vitamin B12 deficiency

Evolution of Breakfast Scheme in Tamil Nadu 

  • September 16, 1920 – Mid-day meal scheme in a Corporation School at Thousand Lights under Sir PT Thiyagarayar (Mayor of Madras Corporation)
  • 1957 – Revival of Mid-Day Meal Scheme under K Kamaraj.
  • 1982 – Nutritious Meal Programme under MG Ramachandran.
  • 1989 – Serving of egg with nutritious meal under M Karunanidhi. 
  • 2013 – J Jayalalithaa adds variety rice dishes to the menu.
  • 2022 – Chief Ministers Free Breakfast Scheme by MK Stalin.
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