Sanjay Dharwadker authored “Diamond In My Palm” – Tale of 12 diamonds from Golconda that India lost forever

  • Sanjay Dharwadker authored the book titled “Diamond In My Palm” thatdescribes, how the world’s 12 greatest diamonds originated from Golconda and Kollur mines in Andhra Pradesh & later took away by Mughals, Persians, Brits, French, Turks and Russians after centuries of bloody wars, conspiracies and million-dollar deals, and now ensconced in their national treasures.
  • The novel also describes about India, its journey in time and its unparalleled spiritual past.
  • The important diamonds listed in the book were Koh-i-Noor(In London), pink Darya-i-Noor (now in Tehran), the pale, flat-shaped Shah Diamond and the half egg eye shaped, blue-green Orlov Diamond (nestling in Kremlin); and the fabled Blue Diamond(now the Hope Diamond in the Smithsonian) .
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