Scientists discover 8th continent, “Greater Adria” hidden under Europe

  • Geologists under the principal researcher Douwe van Hinsbergen, Professor at Utrecht University, Netherlands, have discovered a new continent named “Greater Adria” in the mediterranean region under Europe, after successful analysation of mountain ranges from Spain to Iran in detail for 10 The discovery of this continent is published in the journal ‘Gondwana Research’.
  • Greater Adria: This Greater Adria island is a piece of continental crust in the size of Greenland. It once separated from North Africa and plunged into the Earth’s mantle under Southern Europe. It took Greater Adria 120 million years to be found by mankind. The only remaining part of this continent is a strip that runs from Turin, Italy via the Adriatic Sea in the Italian peninsula, hence the name “Greater Adria”.
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