Tag: Tamil Nadu Kasanoi Erappila Thittam (TN¬KET)


Tamil Nadu Kasanoi Erappila Thittam (TN¬KET) Under the scheme Tamil Nadu Kasanoi Erappila Thittam, meaning TB death-free project (TN-KET) the Tamil Nadu TB Cell with the help of volunteers provided food baskets containing a recommended portion of high protein food to approximately 38,235 patients across the State so far. The Tamil Nadu government has prioritised the nutritional status of patients diagnosed with tuberculosis (TB) and identified as severely ill and undernourished under the scheme. About TN-KET Launch - April 2022 It aims to reduce the mortality rate among people with tuberculosis. Differentiated TB Care’ is the important feature of the initiative which aims at assessing whether people with TB need ambulatory care or admission in a health facility to manage severe illness at the time of diagnosis. Note Nikshay Poshan Yojna aims to support every Tuberculosis (TB) Patient by providing a Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) of Rs 500 per month for nutritional needs.