Union government offices to go digital

Union government oces to go digital

  • The Government has directed all the Union government Ministries and Departments to migrate to e-oce 7.0 by February 2023.
  • So far, 74 Ministries and Departments have migrated to e-oce version 7.0.
  • At least 13 oces that are yet to migrate to the updated system

About e-office 7.0

  • It is an inhouse system developed by the National Informatics Centre (NIC).
    • Highly secure system with timely security audits and adequate rewalls.
  • It is used for unclassified les, with two factor authentication and is not available on the Internet but on NICNET (ICT network of NIC).
  • The e-oce application will be regularly audited for known vulnerabilities by third party agencies on the panel of CERT-IN

Reasons to migrate to e-office 7.0

  • The half yearly report of the Computer Emergency Response System (CERT- IN) states that there were ransomware incidents in 2022.
  • Recent cyber and ransomware attack on the servers of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in Delhi.


  • CERT-IN, the nodal agency for responding to computer security incidents.
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