Welfare Schemes

Welfare Schemes
Innuir Kappom – Nammai Kaakkum 48′ Scheme

  • 1.31 lakh people benefited under the Innuir Kappom – Nammai Kaakkum 48′ Scheme. 
  • 500 accident prone places in Tamil Nadu have been identified under the scheme.
  • The scheme is implemented through 679 hospitals (232 government hospitals, 447 private hospitals) located near those places.
  • The government spends up to Rs 1 lakh through the insurance scheme for treatment provided immediately within 48 hours of the accident.
  • So far 1,31,164 people have benefited under this scheme and Rs.116 crore has been spent.

About ‘Innuir Kappom – Nammai Kaakkum 48’ Scheme

  • The scheme was launched on December 18, 2021 in Melmaruvathur.
  • The scheme aims to reduce the loss of life in road accidents by providing free treatment up to 48 hours after the accident in government and private hospitals
  • The government will bear the cost of emergency medical treatment for two days for those injured in road accidents.
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