World of Leather Comes to Chennai with Goddies & Opportunities

  • As leather and leather goods producer, India has a strong presence on the global arena. It accounts for 13% of world production of leather.
  • In footwear sector, India is second largest producer after China, with annual production in 2018 of 2.58 billion pairs. On consumption side also, India is the second largest with a use up of 2.60 billion pairs.
  • In leather garment sector, India is second largest exporter, next only to Italy, with a global market share of about 17% accounting for 8.23% share of country’s total export in 2018-19. India is fifth largest exporter in leather goods & accessories sector.
  • The export of footwear, leather and leather products from India reached a value of US$ 5.69 billion during 2018-19.
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