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Largest ozone hole ever recorded above the Arctic has CLOSED 

Pune-based defence institute develops microwave steriliser Atulya to kill COVID- 19

Indian-Origin Girl, 17, Names NASA’s First Mars Helicopter

India installs 7.3 GW of solar power in CY 2019 & secures world’s 3rd largest solar market: Mercom

IIT-Roorkee professor develops software to detect COVID-19 within 5 seconds using X-ray scan

Scientists at JNCASR develop Berberine based Alzheimer inhibitor ‘Ber-D’

First black hole merger of uneven massed observed by LIGO-VIRGO; indicated by GW190412 signal in April 2019

Team led by IIT-Bombay student develops Ruhdaar, a low-cost mechanical ventilator

NTPC launched Hydrogen Fuel bus and car project for Leh, New Delhi