Mozhugampoondi is the number one language of India’s best panchayat

  • Mozhugampoondivillage in Thiruvannamalai district has been selected as the best implementation of the central government program.
  • Under the Central Government’s ‘Mission Antyodaya’, the basic facilitiesrequired for the villages are provided.
  • In this project, the village of Thiruvannamalai district, Arani, next toMozhugampoondi village has been selected as the best performing village in India. It topped the charts.
  • MozhugampoondiVillage is a small village. According to the 2011 census of India, there were 1,490 people living in the village – 748 males and 742 females.
  • This year’s rankings for the central and state governments are based on road maintenance, drinking water, electricity, education and rural development.
  • In India itself, Thiruvannamalai district has topped the AranyakkamMozhugampoondi
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