Reports and Indices

Reports and Indices
World Bank’s Report released

  • The World Bank’s flagship “Toolkit on Enabling Gender Responsive Urban Mobility and Public Spaces in India” was released.
  • This toolkit will bridge knowledge gaps between policy making and program implementation for gender-responsive urban mobility and public space in India.
  • It details four-pillar implementation framework for urban bodies
  • Assess the Ground Situation
  • Strengthen planning and policies
  • Build Capacity and Raise Awareness
  • Improve Infrastructure and Services
  • Need for gender-responsive urban mobility
  • Women are amongst the biggest users of public transport across Indian cities.
  • On average, 45.4% women walked to work compared to 27.4% men.
  • Lower income groups have higher usage of public transport.
  • Urban mobility systems are often not designed to account for gender-based differences in mobility patterns. Lack of safe public transport deters women from accessing promising opportunities.
  • It also deters women from stepping out, creating a vicious cycle that lowers their presence in public spaces.
  • Initiatives taken to gender-responsive urban mobility
    • Integrated Sustainable Urban Transport Systems for Smart Cities (SMART-SUT) focus on improving transportation systems and integrating social and gender equity solutions.
    • Delhi Government has made public transport free for women in the national capital.
  • Kerala’s all women cab service ‘She taxi’.
  • Recommendations
  • Introduce digital ticketing systems and common mobility cards.
  • Introduce a text-based SOS system to indicate distress and awareness campaigns for popularising helpline numbers.
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