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Reports and Indices World Bank’s Report released The World Bank's flagship “Toolkit on Enabling Gender Responsive Urban Mobility and Public Spaces in India” was released. This toolkit will bridge knowledge gaps between policy making and program implementation for gender-responsive urban mobility and public space in India. It details four-pillar implementation framework for urban bodies Assess the Ground Situation Strengthen planning and policies Build Capacity and Raise Awareness Improve Infrastructure and Services Need for gender-responsive urban mobility Women are amongst the biggest users of public transport across Indian cities. On average, 45.4% women walked to work compared to 27.4% men. Lower income groups have higher usage of public transport. Urban mobility systems are often not designed to account for gender-based differences in mobility patterns. Lack of safe public transport deters women from accessing promising opportunities. It also deters women from stepping out, creating a vicious cycle that lowers their presence in public spaces. Initiatives taken to gender-responsive urban mobility Integrated Sustainable Urban Transport Systems for Smart Cities (SMART-SUT) focus on improving transportation systems and integrating social and gender equity solutions. Delhi Government has made public transport free for women in the national capital. Kerala’s all women cab service ‘She taxi’. Recommendations Introduce digital ticketing systems and common mobility cards. Introduce a text-based SOS system to indicate distress and awareness campaigns for popularising helpline numbers.