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100% reservation for STs in scheduled areas impermissible

The Supreme Court declared that providing 100 % reservation in favour of the Scheduled Tribe candidates for the post of teachers in scheduled area of Andhra Pradesh is impermissible and violative of the fundamental rights of citizens. It is an obnoxious idea that tribals only should teach the tribals. When there are other local residents, why they cannot teach is not understandable. The action defies logic and is arbitrary. Merit cannot be denied in toto by providing reservations. A five-judge bench presided over by Justice Arun Mishra said all the citizens do have equal rights, and the total exclusion of others by creating an opportunity for one class is not contemplated by the founding fathers of the Constitution of India.  ... In its 152-page judgement, the top court declared an order issued by the AP government in 2000 for 100% reservation to the ST candidates on the post of teachers in scheduled areas as wholly impermissible and constitutionally not valid.