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HISTORY – Important Days

Important Days National Legal Services Day 2022 National Legal Services Day is annually observed across India on November 9 to commemorate the enactment of the National Legal Services Authorities Act 1987 which came into force on 9th November 1995. The day also aims to raise awareness about various provisions of the Legal Services Authorities Act and litigants’ rights. The day was first observed by the Supreme Court of India in 1995. About NALSA  The National Legal Services Authority (NALSA) has been constituted on November 9, 1995, under the Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987 to fulfill the provisions of Article 39A (provisions of equal justice and free legal aid.) and to organise Lok Adalats. The chief justice of India serves as the patron–in–chief of NALSA. At the state level, State Legal Services Authority has been constituted. The chief justices of the high court serve as its patron-in-chief. At the District level, District Legal Services Authority has been constituted. The district judge serves as its ex-officio chairman. Sports and Games India to host Women’s World Boxing Championship 2023 India is set to host the 2023 International Boxing Association (IBA) Women’s World Boxing Championship, elite women’s competition, in 2023 in New Delhi. The women’s World Boxing Championship will be hosted by India for the 3rd time.  Previously, India hosted the Women’s championship in New Delhi, Delhi, in 2006 (4th edition) and 2018 (10th edition). Women’s World Boxing Championship 2023 marks the 13th edition of the Championship.