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Environment and Ecology

Environment and Ecology Himalayan medicinal plant species Three Himalayan medicinal plant species have been added to the IUCN Red List. Meizotropis pellita (Critically Endangered): Endemic to Uttarakhand. Oil extracted from leaves possesses strong antioxidants and can be a natural substitute for synthetic antioxidants in pharmaceutical industries. Fritilloria cirrhosa (Vulnerable):  Used in treatment of bronchial disorders and pneumonia. Dactylorhiza hatagirea (Endangered): Used in Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani, and other alternative systems of medicine to cure fever, cough etc. About IUCN The International Union for Conservation of Nature is an international organization working in the field of nature conservation and sustainable use of natural resources. Formation - October 5, 1948 Headquarters - Gland, Switzerland