Tag: Archaeologists rare findings in Tamil Nadu.


Archaeologists rare findings in Tamil Nadu. A gold stud, a bone point and a carnelian bean have been unearthed by archaeologists at Porpanaikottai in Pudukottai district of Tamil Nadu, where the State Archaeology Department has taken up excavation. A Sangam-age fort is believed to have existed at the site. The stud in floral design with six petals was found at a depth of 133 cm in one of the eight trenches dug at the site. The ornament, weighing 0.26 grams, was probably was as a nose stud and is an indication of the culture of the Sangam Age. The bone point, with pointed ends on both sides and carvings, was probably used for weaving. The discover of the red round-shaped carnelian bead is a pointer to domestic trade. Carnelian beads have been found at Kodumanal and a few other places in Tamil Nadu. The stones were usually sourced from Gujarat. Keeladi ninth phase of excavation A total of nine quadrants have been excavated and 183 antiquities have been discovered so far in the ninth phase of the archaeological excavations at Keeladi in Sivagangai district. The antiquities that have been discovered so far in the ninth phase includes a gold ornament, finely-shaped terracotta animal figurines, spindle whorls, gamesman, hopscotch, glass beads, antimony rod, copper needle, bone points and iron nails. In the fourth phase at Konthagai, which is part of the Keeladi cluster, trench measuring 10 × 10 m was excavated and a total number of 17 burial urns were unearthed at three different strata.