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International Astronomical Union names new star ‘Sharjah’

The International Astronomical Union (IAU) has announced new names of its newly discovered star and its planet. The star ‘HIP 7943’ was named as “Sharjah” and one of itsplanet (exoplanet) was named as “Barjeel”. The announcement was made during a press conference of IAU in Paris, France during the centenary celebration of the union (IAU). Star Sharjah:Appreciating the achievements of Sharjah, which is the Capital of Arab Culture, Capital of Islamic Culture and also has the name of World Book Capital, the star was named as “Sharjah”. Barjeel meaning:A barjeel is a wind tower that directs the flow of wind, where the air can be recirculated as a form of air conditioning. Barjeel is an exoplanet to Sharjah. Planets orbiting their stars are called exoplanets. About International Astronomical Union(IAU): Fact-IAU is an international association of professional astronomers, active in professional research and education in astronomy. Headquarters-Paris, France. Founded- 28 July 1919