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Important days World Meteorological Day -March 23 The World Meteorological Day is observed on March 23 every year to commemorate the creation of the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO). This day marks the significance of the interconnectedness between human behaviour and the Earth’s atmosphere. The theme of World Meteorological Day 2023 is 'The Future of Weather, Climate and Water across Generations.' It underlines the impact of climate change and steps to protect the environment for the upcoming generations Defence BrahMos missile project 75% indigenous capacity has been achieved in the BrahMos missile project. About BrahMos project: It is a joint venture between India and Russia. It had come a long way in creating indigenous capacity which was only 30% in 1998 when it was initiated. The missile project has helped to create 25,000 jobs. Recently a function held to launch the 27th BrahMos Missile Checkout Equipment (COE) produced by Data Patterns Private Limited, in Siruseri near the city.