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Sanitary personnel in Tamil Nadu to be called as ‘cleanliness workers’: CM

According to the Tamil Nadu (TN)Chief Minister (CM), Karuppa Gounder Palanisamy (known as Edappadi K. Palaniswami), a total of 64,583 sanitary personnel employed by urban and rural civic bodies in the State will be called as ”cleanliness workers” (Thooimai Paniyalargal in Tamil) to honour their work. The state will also implement a scheme worth of Rs 4,300 to install smart meters for 42 lakh electricity consumers to compute their power consumption. The state will launch other schemes worth of Rs 1,998 crore to develop the power distribution infrastructure, under which it will upgrade 230 kV (Kilovolt) sub-station at Alagarkoil in Madurai district into a 400 kV station and enhancing two 110 kV sub-stations into 230 kV facilities.