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SRIOR announces novel measures to combat cancer

Awareness Umbrellas SRIOR will be providing Awareness Umbrellas to the interested NGOs and public. These umbrellas will have colored ribbons that are associated with its respective cancer types. (For instance, if it is breast cancer, it will have the pink colored ribbon and a QR Code near it) Once scanned with a QR Code Scanner, it will provide details about the disease, symptoms, warning signs and all other forms of awareness. Fundraising Website The website ‘www.helpcancers.com’ was launched at the event. Dr.Guhan said that through this website, patients who are not a registered party in Chief Minister’s Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme will be given the opportunity to get donations from generous donors for their cancer treatments. SRIOR doctors as a part of their contribution will waive their fee for treating the patients who receive cancer care through ‘HelpCancer’ website.