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Tamil Nadu affairs Dravidian Model will continue to ensure equality, says Stalin The Keeladi civilization showcases the regal living of the Tamils, the ‘Sanatana dharma’ divided people based on caste and treated the ‘opressed castle’ like slaves and animals. We are in-debted to the social reformists, including Col. Munro, Ayya Vaikundar, Periyar and the Christian missionaries, who ensured equality in the society. The 200-year-old struggle for the upper garment, which is one of the most valiant protests that Tamil nadu has ever witnessed for social justice must be remembered. Tamil Nadu affairs Free training Programme launched for college students in Tamil Nadu Minister for youth welfare and sports Udhayanidhi Stalin on Tuesday launched a free training programme under the Naan Mudhalvan scheme to help Tamil Nadu college students prepare for competitive exams. Naan Mudhalvan Scheme Inaugurated by Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K. Stalin Unveiled on March 01, 2022 Aim To equip about 10 lakh youth across the state annually with skills that will help them realize their talents for the benefit of the country