Tag: Excavations at Pudukottai


Excavations at Pudukottai, Ariyalur to continue Archaeological excavations carried out by the State Archaeological Department at Gangaikondacholapuram in Ariyalur district and Porpanaikottai in Pudukottai district are set to continue for at least another month in the present excavation season. The excavation season normally ends by September, ahead of the northeast monsoon. Gangaikondacholapuram : It is in the phase of third season at present. Archaeologists have excavated beyond Maligaimedu in Gangaikondacholapuram this season to the adjacent Ulkottai. It lead to the unearthing of a huge stone pillar, a remnant of Chola era palace. Excavations at Maligaimedu yielded more brick structures that are believed to be the part of a Cholaperiod palace, besides artefacts. Porpanaikottai The Porpanaikottai site is being explored for the first time. A Sangam Age Fort is believed to have existed in the site. A three course brick structure was unearthed.